Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Hotel©

General Information about "Fleece Jazz"

The very best of modern jazz every Friday
Seats are available at 7:30pm.
Gigs start at 8:00 pm.

Stoke by Nayland Club is an excellent venue with food and accomodation available. To order a table at their restaurant, please call 01206 262836. Food is available from about 5:30 in the restaurant, and at any time from the bars. This number is not for buying tickets, though.

You can check out their wabsite at www.stokebynaylandclub.co.uk

Would you like to know about

Seating at the Club

We should have sufficient seating for all who purchase tickets. We do note that some people prefer to stand.

Even so, please note that your ticket covers admission only and does not guarantee a seat except in the case of disabled patrons who must inform us when booking.

If you have a disability, or need to be seated for health reasons, please let us know when you book. We will make arrangements. You might also look at our accessability information.

At Stoke by Nayland Club, seating is not a problem. There should be plenty of seats. Nevertheless, specific seating is not reserved.

Musicians and 'Deps'

The lineups listed in the brochure and this website are those given to us by the leader of the group, and are as accurate as we can make them. The music business being what it is, changes happen, and sometimes quite late. We have been very lucky, as the substitutions made by the bands have been quite wonderful. Nevertheless, the situation is not one we can control. After the programme is printed, we do update the website if we are informed of any changes.

Taking photographs and recording at the club

Flash photography is disturbing to musicians and audience alike, so we only permit discrete flashless photography.

Recording, whether audio and video, is not permitted without the express permission of both the club and the musicians being recorded.

The Club and its Committee

Jazz at the Fleece is an association of people interested in jazz. They volunteer their time, and draw no funds from the club. The club is non-profit (you better believe it), and receives no subsidies from any person or organization. In other words, the people who come to listen to some of the best jazz available in the country, pay for the musicians and the running costs. We do try to keep the latter to a minimum.

For Musicians wishing a gig at the Fleece...

Please email mburgess.jazz@googlemail.com. Our booking person is Michael Burgess, and his phone number is 01787 211442.

If you have a booking with us, it would be a great help if you filled in this form, to supply us with publicity material.

Our equipment list is available as a pdf file, or a Word file.
When linking to us on your websites, you can use this html code.
When travelling to the club, sat-navs can be a bit inaccurate from our postcode (CO6 4PZ). Please look at the map, and do not take the path around the back of the hotel.
Unloading and loading kit is easy. There are loading doors to the right of the hotel entrance. If they are closed, go to reception and ask for them to be opened. You can then park in the parking lot.

Recording facilities are available, either simple stereo pair, or up to 18 mics. The equipment list documents contain the recording equipment as well. Our sound tech, Dave, is happy to do this at no cost to the band, but requires a weeks notice.
Please do note that Dave needs the permission of the band members before he will record.
For further technical information about live sound or recording, please email Dave Lyons.
This is a picture of a largish gig (Sax Appeal, 27/12/13). The piano is hidden behind Derek. We work in thrust - audience on three sides. Drum and piano lovers tend to use the sides. We can accomodate an audience of about 140, or with the loss of the band room, 170.
A largish gig at the club

The Web Site

Our site, ( http://www.fleecejazz.org.uk, as you well know or you would not be here) is maintained by Dave Lyons. We try to keep it simple, up to date, and accessible to people with disabilities. If you have any comments or suggestions about it, Dave would be very glad to hear them.

We are working to improve the visibility of the navigation bar, which requires a standard W3C facility. As far as we can tell, all browsers will do this, except Internet Explorer up to version 6. It appears that Internet Explorer 7 more closely adheres to standards, but it still messes things up if you change font size. Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome are fine.

The site has in the past been hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Essex. The club was very grateful to the Department for this facility. It still provides the daily automatic regeneration of the site.