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Accessibility Information for Disabled People

The navigation bar

The navigation bars have an entry to get you to the home page, whole current programme, and entries to navigate the rest of the website. Each entry in the list has an associated shortcut key. The key to use for any entry is in brackets at the end of the entry. For example,
Accessibility Information (A)

To use a shorcut on a PC

To use the shortcuts, use the ALT key and the shortcut key together. In the case of Firefox, it is the shift key, the ALT key and shortcut key together.
In Internet Explorer, you then hit the Return key. It is not necessary to use the Return key in Netscape, Firefox, Opera or Safari. So for the current programme, you would type ALT-P for most browsers, and ALT-P Return for Internet Explorer.

To change the font size, just CONTROL-+ or CONTROL-- in Firefox, Opera and Safari. This works in Internet Explorer as well, but can mess up the screen.

To use a shortcut on a Mac

On Safari, and Firefox, the keystroke is Ctrl+Alt and the relevant key.
I am sorry to say that it is not implemented in Opera.

Accessing the club at Stoke by Nayland Club

Everything is on one level, no stairs. The disability toilet near the venue is correctly fitted, and the one near the restaurant is ok, needs a bit of redesign.

We still need information in advance, so please call (01781 211865) so that we could be sure to help if help were needed, or if special seating is required.


We would be pleased if you joined our mailing list. If, however, the standard brochure is not suitable for you, we are happy to supply you with a programme in large text form. If you join the emailing list (same form as above), then you will receive the programme in machine readable form.

If you need the programme in some other form, please tell us, and we will endeavour to supply it in the form you need.

Accessibility Philosophy

This web site is maintained by Dave Lyons. Our aim is to provide a simple, easy to maintain (and therefore always up to date) listing of Fleece Jazz's current programme, and to keep a little archive. We do not apologise for the lack of Java cartoons, multiframes or ornate tables. In particular we do not apologise for the lack of Macromedia Flash. Anyone interested in the effect of any of these on disabled readers might look at the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

Readers might click on the "Cynthia Says" site below, to check out this, or any other site for accessibility.

The University of Toronto has a nice downloadable programe which will test .html files for accessability using the WAI criteria.