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Contacts and Acknowledgements

To obtain information about the club, reserve tickets or add your name to our mailing list please telephone:

01787 211865

or email one of the contacts below,
---> but not, please for tickets. We are not yet an e-commerce site. <---
When purchasing tickets, please send all cheques (with an S.A.E.) to:

Fleece Jazz 
18 The Causeway 
Boxford, Suffolk 
CO10  5JR

And make your cheques out to 

Fleece Jazz

There is a mailing and email request form if you wish to join our mailing lists.

Contacts and Thanks

Fleece Jazz is run by a group of somewhat meshugeneh jazz lovers.
The Committee
We have Michael (who was at home, not very well), John, David, Carole, Dave, Gerry.and Marion, who joined after the picture was taken. We need a new picture.

Here, in alphabetical order, is a list of the committee members, with their duties, and email addresses. Baby pictures next.

    Carol Burgess - click to email her   Carol Burgess does front of house, tickets, and sings beautifully.
  • Mike Burgess - click to email him     Michael Burgess is our current chair, books the gigs, does write-ups, raffles and announcements, and sets up the room each Friday. He is de rigeur (an apprentice techie), and cannot sing.
  • Gerry England - click to email him     Gerry England who has been seconding and firsting Dave on the sound desk, rigging, putting up with his bad jokes and doing a sterling job.
  • David Gasson - click to email him   David Gasson handles phone and snail mail bookings, and does the accounts (with a little help from a friend). He sets up the room each Friday.
  • Marion George - click to email him     Marion George is our newest committee member, who heads our publicity, cleans up, does raffles, and has very good ideas.
  • Dave Lyons - click to email him     Dave Lyons is the club sound engineer, does the web site and the mailing list, does some announcements and commits really bad pseudo erudite puns.

We have a group of friends and volunteers without whom we could not do:

  • Paul Warren - click to email him   Paul Warren is the super designer of our brochure and many other items, (see Warren Graphics) even though he has stepped back from committee membership. We are very grateful for his work.
  • Dougy and John   Dougy, John and all the other audience members who help to clean up, move chairs and sound kit after the gig. It is just a tremendous help.
  • John Anderson   John Anderson did our publicity for years, and we are very grateful.
  • Liz Rabett   Liz Rabett has now left the committee, but her work booking musicians for us has been excellent, and is much appreciated.
  • Nick Rabett   Nick Rabett has now left the committee, but his work doing programme notes, handouts, write-ups and posters, product sales, helping de-rig, but mostly his excellent photography when not helping to de-rig after a gig.
  • Alan Sturges   Alan Sturges has returned to the Lake District to do so that he and Jennifer can walk in the hills. He still takes an interest in the club.
  • Todd Cunliffe Todd Cunliffe is our excellent piano tuner. If you want it done right, call 01787 281492.
  • staff Winston Wright, Ben Tillet, Franky, Shaun and Sean and Karl, Nicky, Becky, Fred ... all of the crew at Stoke by Nayland Club, who do a huge amount of work for us, and are so pleasant and helpful to work with.

  • and all those people who are annoyed because I have forgotten to mention them.
We are grateful to the University of Essex Department of Computer Science for providing the update provision for the website.

But most of all, we are grateful to the wonderful musicians who come to the heart of darkest Suffolk, and provide us with such fantastic music, marvellous musicianship, and much more magic than we deserve.


Defn: Erudite - two phase glue.