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Brian's Scrapbook

Under construction

For many years now, Brian Peck has been a constant member of the Fleece audience. He has collected the photographs that he has taken over the years into really beautiful scrapbooks, and he has allowed us to use some of them in a little gallery of past events.

The thumbnails below lead to a low resolution image, which will be slow to load. If you then click on the low res image, you will get an image as high a resolution as is practicable. It will be very slow to load. You can download it as a zip file instead if you wish.

This page and the pages that lead from it are not disability friendly.

I will be adding to the gallery slowly. If anyone wishes to see the page for any particular gig, do email Dave Lyons.

All photographs are copyright © Brian Peck 2002

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Gary Scott

Gary Scott 20 September 1996

Bobby Shew

Bobby Shew, 15 November 1996

Martin Taylor

MartinTaylor 29 November 1996

Tina May

Tina May 14 February 1997

Marion Montgomery

Marion Montgomery 18 July 1997

Claire Martin

Claire Martin, 10 October 1997

More pictures when I get time...
Salina Jones

Salina Jones 7 August 1998

Marlene Verplanck

Marlene Verplanck 19 March 1999


Last Update - 8 April 2001