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Dave Lyons has two strings to his public bow.


He records

Live at Fleece Jazz and at other places on request. In particular, he has been recording live string quartet and sonata forms at Lion Walk Church, Colchester.

Dave Lyons is available to record live at Fleece Jazz and elsewhere.
The equipment list for Fleece Jazz and his own kit is available on this pdf document

The estimable jazz club, currently at Stoke by Nayland Hotel is at your service. You might also check out the facebook page

He is an expert in disability and technology

Dave was CEO of the (now sadly defunct) charity, Opportunities Through Technology. He is now a member of the nascent Inclusively Digital organization that succeeds it He has 25 years of experience as Technical Disability Officer at the University of Essex, and is continuing to work with disabled students at the University. He is available for consultation on most technical disability matters.

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