Fleece Jazz at Stoke by Nayland Hotel©

10th November 2013
1.30pm to 8pm (approximately).
A buffet is available

Supported by David Newton and Jenny Carr .
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01787 211865, or at

Running Order

  • Barb Jungr with Jenny Carr
  • Barb + Mari with Jenny Carr
  • Mari Wilson with Jenny Carr
  • Sarah Moule with Jenny Carr
  • Tina May with Dave Newton
  • Presentation to Dave Newton
  • Break & Raffle
  • Sarah Gillespie solo
  • Kate Shortt (music)
  • Gill Manley with Dave Newton
  • Kate Shortt (Comedy)
  • Georgia Mancio with Dave Newton
  • Claire Martin with Dave Newton


  • Barb Jungr - www.barbjungr.com
    Barb Jungr Barb Jungr has just returned from touring Australia and is gaining a great reputation in the USA. She remains a British treasure who produces uniquely personal and passionate interpretations of contemporary songs by Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Sam Cooke, Tom Waits etc. etc. which she makes wonderfully her own. She is a brilliantly witty and intelligent performer.

  • Mari Wilson - www.mariwilson.co.uk
    Mari Wilson Mari Wilson is currently touring with Barb in Woman to Woman. Mari, sometime "Miss Beehive", apart from being a very funny raconteur, is one of the finest soul singers around, up there with Dusty Springfield. She performs a range of contemporary material ranging from Bee Gees & The Pretenders to Gillian Welch in her own inimitable style, that is glitz, glam and forthright fun.

  • Sarah Moule - www.sarahmoule.net/
    Sarah Moule Sarah Moule is perhaps best known for her interpretation of Peggy Lee’s songs and for her association with Fran Landesman and Fran’s song writing partner, Simon Wallace, who is Sarah’s husband. More than this, Sarah also knows her way round The Great American Songbook and has an EP called Songs for Scarlet Women celebrating the Femme Fatale. Watch out!

  • Tina May - www.tinamay.com
    Tina May is "one of Britain’s most popular vocalists who handles an excellent selection of material with aplomb, seductive phrasing and wide vocal range." (Linn Records) She is an elegant performer, with a sometimes wicked twinkle, as witnessed by her collaborations with Rory Bremner, called "You are Eiffel, but I like you" in Paris, and renamed "Midnight Excess" in Edinburgh! She has also famously played Piaf in France and around Europe, but Tina is much, much more than just a chanteuse.

  • Sarah Gillespie - sarahgillespie.com
    Sarah Gillespie Sarah Gillespie performs a fusion of jazz, folk and blues knitted together by poetic, streetwise lyricism. John Fordham describes her as "(joining) Bob Dylan’s lyrical bite and languid delivery to the forthrightness of Joni Mitchell, with a little rap-like percussiveness thrown in, she is an original." She is Anglo American, lively, a painter, and is promoted by Gilad Atzmon.

  • Kate Shortt - myspace.com/kateshortt
    Kate Shortt Kate Shortt is a singer, pianist, cello player, songwriter and comedian. Since Guildhall, she has performed cabaret on the Edinburgh Fringe, and won Performer of the Year Award at the London Palladium. Her show has been described as consisting of "unique happenings at the cello and intimate confessions at the piano," and as "a cross between Victoria Wood and Jim Tavaré".

  • Gill Manly - gillmanly.co.uk
    Gill Manly Gill Manley is a jazz singer who is "an amalgam of Bessie Smith and Sarah Vaughan". No need to add much to that, save that she also delivers Nina Simone songs magnificently, and that Ian Shaw convinced her that her future lay in interpreting jazz standards in a new way. This she continues to do with great success, regularly playing at Ronnie Scotts.

  • Georgia Mancio - www.georgiamancio.com
    Georgia Mancio Georgia Mancio is one of the UK’s most original new artists. A performer of pure class and integrity, she is a true improviser with an unfailing flow, who has innate musicality with a boundless and bold imagination. Her music embraces her Anglo/ Italian/Uruguayan background: seamlessly performing in five languages and interpreting Fats Waller, Pat Metheny, Tom Waits, David Bowie, Kenny Wheeler, The Beatles, Brazilian samba, Chilean folk and Italian pop etc.... often with her own beautifully crafted lyrics.

  • Claire Martin - www.clairemartinjazz.co.uk
    Claire Martin Claire Martin OBE The First Lady of British Jazz, Claire, has won Best Vocalist at the British Jazz Awards on six separate occasions and received Best New Album Award this year! She is "one of the most intuitively musical mainstream jazz singers and classic-pop interpreters .....with an improviser’s relish for transforming familiar materials, and an instrumentalist’s melodic dexterity" (Guardian). After a 20 year association it is a great delight that she concludes the Fleece Jazz day of outstanding vocalists.

  • David Newton - davidnewton.biz
    David Newton David Newton was with us most recently in the company of Alan Barnes - one of those gigs that stand in the memory. David is a consumate pianist, superb accompanist, and, not to be sneezed at, Honorary President of Fleece Jazz!
    Heather Carncross writes, "In the first five years of the nineties, Newton’s reputation as an exquisite accompanist for a singer, spread rather rapidly and by ’95 he was regularly working with Carol Kidd, Marion Montgomery, Tina May, Annie Ross, Claire Martin and of course Stacey Kent, with whom he spent the next ten years recording and travelling all over the world. While all this was going on, Newton was composing music which he would record on his own CDs as well as writing specifically for Martin Taylor, Alan Barnes, Tina May or Claire Martin and Newton’s music can now be heard on many television productions, especially in the United States where over twenty TV movies benefit from Newton’s haunting themes.".

  • Jenny Carr - www.prima-artists.com/profile.php?recordID=Jenny%20Carr Jenny Carr Jenny Carr arrived in England from Australia in the early 1990s as keyboardist and backing vocalist for Jason Donovan’s world tour. She never went back! As well as freelancing with numerous jazz and swing bands, she is known as a sensitive accompanist, collaborating with vocal talents such as Victoria Newton, Caroline Nin, Nina Ferro and the queen of alternative cabaret Barb Jungr.

  • Nigel Price - www.nigelprice.biz
    Nigel Price Nigel Price is a complete guitarist who has good taste and a great sound coupled to a dazzlingly fleet-fingered technique.
    Of his CD "Heads and Tails, London Jazz News says "Hard swinging, bluesy, melodic, inventive and virtuostic are just some of the ways in which Nigel Price's world class guitar playing comes across. He also plays chords and harmonies exquisitely and, on the Heads section of his two-in-one CD release, and has written some catchy beboppish 'heads' or - melodies - to the casual listener, over the chord progressions of the standard tunes he plays on double tracked guitars on Tales, the second CD in this package.".
  • The finest line up of singers ever seen in East Anglia, probably in Britain, delivering: Contemporary, World, Pop, Blues, Original, Chanson, Classical, Folk, Jazz, American Song Book, Scat, improvised, etc, and fun!